Mama Luna


"I had never heard of a womb steam before so it was a very rich experience..being both informative and nurturing. Emma held a wonderful supportive space and gave us lots of great practical advice. Since then I have been so inspired to try it out at have gathered the herbs and other elements I need and am excited about the positive results I will experience. I feel so grateful to Emma for introducing me to such an easy, but powerful self care ritual. Thank you Emma!" ❤


"Emma beautifully creates a warm, welcoming, safe and nurturing space. I love the way womb steaming is accessible to women of all ages and cultures and brings us together through sharing such a beautiful, natural, affordable and effective way of caring for ourselves. Attending one of Emmas workshop has put me in touch with new ways I can nurture my womb health and feminine well being. Thank you" ❤

Workshop participant

"I arrived feeling quite cynical yet open to a new experience. Emma established the space so it was safe and comforting and I loved being in a group of women of all ages and races. Emma explained all the different herbs and created a truly special ceremonial space whilst also teaching us about the steam and the herb properties. I felt slightly nervous but as soon as I sat down on her beautiful steam seats, I relaxed into it and entered a magical world. I came away from the experience raving about it to everyone and now have it as one of my main self care practices at home" ❤


"I loved everything about Emma's womb steaming circle that I was fortunate to go to this summer. It was so healing to be in a group of women and to be gently guided step by step through this ancient practice. I felt empowered and nurtured by the experience, which included positive affirming of ourselves , contemplation time as well as sharing circle time.. all while allowing the nourishing herbs to do their wise work and give back to this part of the body that does so much for us cyclically. Every woman of every age would benefit from such a circle , and I hope that with time many more of these circles will spring up to make this more of a possibility. Every woman that came out of the circle tent afterwards shared how much of a life changingly positive experience it was .. very connecting, natural and beautiful. Thank you for this gift " ❤


"This was a complete revelation and very special experience - Emma created a safe space and explained everything really well. The women in my session have kept connected throughout the festival. I have heard the same of other groups - truly wonderful!" 


Workshop participant

*We loved your personality

*Enjoyed learning about the history of steaming and its benefits.

*We all loved learning about the different herbs and benefits of each herb

*Background music was effective

*Hip moves was fun

* Passing the crystal around and each talking about a part of our bodies that we have come to accept  and love went down very well with everyone.

* My sister in particular REALLY loved when you declared “I will not accept any pain other than childbirth. Not period pain, not men treating you badly, no emotional or physical pain. No pain. She said what you said was soooo powerful and something she will never forget.

❤Private workshop participant

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