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Rediscover : Reclaim : Redefine

Hmmm...why did I start this business? Well there are many reasons to be honest but the few main ones are that I wanted women to feel good about themselves and take control of their natural health. I heard about steaming a few years ago when I was looking for a natural alternative to womb care as I was fed up with the doctors and the constant taking of pills, prescriptions and not having a clue as to what was actually going on with my body!

I steamed once over a pot (gosh did my thighs ache the next day!) and it was such a life enhancing experience that I was like "I have to do this again"....the only problem was that I couldn't find a seat within the UK and at a good price; they were all from the US and waaaay out of my price bracket! So what did I do? I found a milk crate and two polystyrene sheets and made a seat out of those! I put a picture of it on instagram and facebook and got loads of love from that one post alone.

I realised then that there was a need, a calling even, from women who wanted to get involved in natural health or take the next step on this journey. The more I spoke to women about steaming and the more research I did, I found that we all felt like we were reclaiming something that was stolen from us, our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and more; OUR FEMININE ENERGY AND WOMANHOOD! So many of us have been taught to feel ashamed or even guilty about our body - over things we can't control and it has a detrimental, crushing and nasty effect as to how we view ourselves. We have grown up thinking that our periods and anything surrounding our menstrual cycle is wrong, negative, dirty......and then we place our womb health in the hands of our people rather than trusting and knowing our bodies enough. I don't mean to rant but really, what does a male doctor/gynaecologist know about period pains and cramps? Or what can someone who has never had a guy try to feel you up know about consent or empowerment, please!

Anyway....I had enough of the negativity towards women and our bodies and the subconscious way we teach young girls to dislike their bodies too! WE'RE AMAZING and young girls need to know that they're going to grow up to be powerful women who are in charge of their bodies and define womanhood for themselves instead of being taught that we exist either for sexual pleasure or to have children. A really big thing for me is that we don't accept pain - physical, emotional and mental - as part of our lives; being a woman is beautiful, enriching and quite frankly the world wouldn't exist without us! 

Steaming has allowed myself and many other women the opportunity to reach back to our natural, wild selves and use the gifts of nature to heal. It's also allowed us to dedicate time to ourselves, guilt-free, selfish and care-free and simply check-in with ourselves. The seats I make are compact, light-weight, easy-to-clean and even easier to use so no excuse ladies, get to steaming, rediscover your feminine power and reclaim your throne because we truly are all Queens!

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