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Mama Luna

Events & Workshops

Take a look at our upcoming events and join in the fun!

Introduction to Yoni Steaming | Saturday 18th March, 7:30pm - 10:30pm | GIDA Collective, 55 Loughborough Junction, Brixton, SW9 7TB 

£7 early bird tickets/£10 after & on the door 

Buy tickets from www.designmynight.com

Introduction to Yoni Steaming | Friday 24th March, 7pm - 10pm | Ankh Wellbeing Centre, 10 Adelaide Grove, Shepherd's Bush, W12 0JJ

£7 early bird tickets/£10 after & on the door 

Buy tickets from www.designmynight.com

What is yoni steaming...? What does Yoni mean...? The moon and my cycle....? I'm sorry the steam goes where and does what...? Will anything...come out of me....?

So many questions...and many ways to find the answer! The wonderful world of the Womb is a mysterious just waiting to be explored and we want to journey with you which is why we'll be holding workshops and events. These will be safe spaces where ALL women can share their questions as well as their knowledge; from novices to experts, doctors to herbalist, yoga teachers to therapists and more. 


  • womb yoga sessions 
  • talks on womanhood and all we wish we were told by our mothers 
  • the reclaiming of our market days with stalls full of handmade products to aid you in your womb wellness 
  • the reclaiming and celebration of our cycle


We're dedicated to womb wellness and will do everything we can to help you on your way to a healthier and happy womb. Why not book us to come you and a gathering of family and friends for a talk on steaming? Plus, you also get to try out on of our lovely yoni steam seats for yourself!

We take bookings of up to 15 people and the sessions consist of:

  • womb movement/womb yoga
  • whiiiiine and grind - hip opening exercises
  • herbology - what, why and how
  • the importance of detoxing
  • 'what's up doc?' - the low down on fibroids

Prices for these sessions depend on the location but start at the extremely low price of only £5 per person! Get in touch now to book and reclaim your throne!